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Reptile and Pet Supplies
The Silkworm Shop —Offering Silkworms, Silkworm Food, Silkworm Cocoons and Flightless Fruit Flies
Reptile Equipment —Cornish Crispa Co. Live Plant and Pet Care Suppliers
T-Rex Products—Cutting edge technology product lines for reptiles and other small animals.
TurtleSite.com— Online community of turtle lovers

Reptile and Pet Information
Doctors Foster and Smith—The doctor's pet information center is a great place to read articles about your pet.
Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection: Anoles —An excellent source of information on Anoles
AmphibianCare.com—An online amphibian and reptile information resource.
Silkworm Information—From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Very interesting!
Reptic Zone—Find information on your reptile or amphibian through use of forums/discussion boards, care sheets, polls, articles and more.
Hedgehogs—A complete guide to hedgehog care, including WHS, diet, product links, and much more!

Discussion Forums
Herp Center—This Online forum includes a vast forum and blog area along with many resources related to everything herp.
BeardedDragon.org—An Online forum dedicated to those who share an interest in Bearded Dragons.
Turtle Forum—An Online forum dedicated to turtle lovers.
The Fauna Classifieds—A very rich resource - Fauna Reptile & Amphibian Discussion Forums

Fun Stuff
The Official Aford T. Turtle Website—Turtle fun: comics, ecards, art and shopping.
Science Kids—A fantastic website for children to learn about everything, including animals. You'll find lessons, quizzes, projects, games, videos, experiments and more.
Encyclopedia Britannica Online—A rich source of fascinating and fun information.
Discovery Education—The reptile lesson plan library is a wonderful place for teachers to find lesson plans.
Itchy Fish - Silkworm Facts for Kids—A fun place for kids to get to know the cuddly cute silkworm.
Berkley Lab—Virtual Frog Builder Game.
Southbay Traps—Carnivorous plants and garden supply store specializing in Venus Flytraps.

Online Directories
Kingsnake.com—Reptile and amphibian forums, photo gallery, classifieds ads and links to other sites.
Pet Square—Index of pet related web sites.
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