'Bug Kill' Insecticidle Shelf & Drawer Liner - 1 Roll

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  • Mites can infest and decimate fruit fly cultures.
  • Simply line your fruit fly culture shelves or bins with this handy liner and say goodbye to mites and other insect pests.
  • Cleaner and Safer than Aerosol Sprays.
  • Insecticidal Shelf and Drawer Paper is the easy-to-use odorless shelf and drawer paper that has been treated to effectively prevent and control mite infestations as well as other insects and pests, including Roaches, Ants and Silverfish.
"Bug Kill"
Insecticidal Shelf & Drawer Paper
  • Each Role is 6 Feet by 18 Inches
  • Floral and Fruit Patterns (Pattern May Vary)
  • Non-Adhesive
  • More Affordable than 'No Bugs M'Lady'
  • Also Available: 'No Bugs M'Lady'
Use "Bug Kill" Insecticidal Shelf and Drawer Paper to line drawers and cabinets; use in storage areas and around garbage areas. Put under sinks and in broom closets and other secluded areas where insects may congregate. Use in basements and other damp areas.

Hazard to humans and domestic animals. Do not allow children to play with this product. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Wash hands with soap and water after each use. Do not place wrapped or unwrapped food or utensils on impregnated paper. Do not store linens, towels, clothing or any other material that may come into contact with skin on this paper.

 Active Ingredient:
o-Isopropoxyphenyl methylcarbamate.........1.00% wt.