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Welcome to the Fruit Fly Shop,
Offering Live Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures and Supplies.
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Live Fruit Flies at The Fruit Fly Shop
Live Wingless & Flightless FRUIT FLIES from The Fruit Fly Shop
At The Fruit Fly Shop, we make sure our live feeders are of the highest quality. We also know that including live reptile, amphibian and fish food in your pet's diet can be expensive, so we give you the best price without compromising quality. Try our live fruit flies and selection of live feeders! You won't be disappointed. We also offer non-living Fruit Fly related supplies and kits for sale. Thanks for visiting.

    Customer Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal!
   We know you won't be disappointed in any way!

The awesome thing about our little flies is-- they CAN'T fly!
A huge variety of reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians consume small prey. Flightless & Wingless fruit flies are exactly what they need. They are also excellent for science experiments, biology labs and genetic presentations. You'll find two sizes here in our shop. We carry wingless D. melanogaster, which are about 1/16'' (the size of a pinhead cricket) and flightless D. hydei, about twice as large at 1/8''

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY (updated 9/1/2018)
* Large and small silkworms are out of stock.
Extra small silkies are available.
* Silkworm eggs are out of stock
* PRAYING MANTIS are now out of season
Mantis eggs and living juveniles will be back around November 2018.
ALL OTHER PRODUCTS ARE IN STOCK! (See menu to the left).

-We are proud to announce the latest addition to The Silkworm Shop family. The Praying Mantis Shop specializes in Everything Praying Mantis, including living mantises, eggs, supplies and educational items.

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