Silkworm Cocoonery

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  • Our "Cocoonery" is a structure for the silkworm to build a cocoon on. It is constructed of vinyl mesh, and there are three tubes, each 2.5'' in diameter and 4'' in length. Silkworms will build their cocoons in these tubes which provide enough space for at least 15 to spin on.
  • When your silkworms are ready to spin, just place these in your enclosure.
  • During the cocoon building stage and after, problems can occur if the cocoon does not stay dry with good air circulation. Our cocoonery makes that problem easy to avoid.
  • Paper towel tubes or egg cartons are NOT up for the task because they are mostly closed and don't allow enough circulation and evaporation. Moisture and bacteria develop and may kill the pupating silkworms.