Silkworms - Extra Small

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Size: About 1/4'' +
Excellent for small and young mantises, young spiders, small frogs, fish and newborn amphibians and reptiles.
Most animals go crazy for Silkworms!
These Extra Small Silkworms are appropriate for any animal that eats Fruit Flies!

IMPORTANT: Silkworms must be fed if you plan on keeping them around. They eat only Mulberry leaves or our prepared Mulberry Food, which you'll find HERE.

Silkworms are fascinating AND they are extremely nutritious when fed to your animals (please see nutritional information chart HERE). We specialize not only in Flightless Fruit Flies, but also in Silkworms. Silkworms are for a huge number of purposes, from being a live feeder for your pet to being the basis of a silkworm biology project in school, and on to simply being a brief pet for you and your children, SILKWORMS ARE WONDERFUL!

Silkworms have a life cycle of approximately 4-6 weeks. After hatching, they will gorge themselves on mulberry and grow very quickly to about 3'' plus. They will then spin a silk cocoon and change into a moth. The moth will emerge, mate, lay eggs and die within a week or two, completing the life cycle.