Fruit Flies 1/16'' Wingless - with Breeding Culture

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Size: 1/16'' (1.5mm)
 INCLUDES: At least 500 living Drosophila melanogaster wingless fruit flies plus all needed food contained in the 32 ounce feeding culture to keep the flies propagating for a month or longer, producing hundreds and hundreds of flies.
 Excellent feeder for aquarium fish, praying mantises, carnivorous plants, birds and most smaller reptiles and amphibians. Also great for newborns that need small prey.
 D. melanogaster fruit flies are available with the feeding culture or without. The feeding culture will allow you to propagate the flies, producing a continuous supply of new flies for more than a month.
 The flies and feeding culture are shipped in separate containers so that the flies will not drown in the media during rough shipment.