Mantis Accessory - Habitat Heater

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It's important to keep your praying mantid's environment properly warm. Around 80 degrees is ideal for your living mantises. But temperatures in the low 70s are OK. If you're hatching egg cases, you'll need to keep them warm enough or they may not hatch until kept warmer. This habitat heater works very well for that purpose. It's meant to keep under your enclosure, creating an evenly rising warm environment throughout. It produces a relatively low heat level, which reduces the chance for overheating. If it gets too cold, you can cover the enclosure and heater with a cloth or towel to reach ideal temperature.

You should also consider purchasing a thermometer to monitor the temperature. You definitely don't want your mantises or eggs to overheat. We offer a digital thermometer HERE.

  • Measures 11'' x 11'' (28x28 cm)
  • Power- 110v 28w U. S. Plug